Bitcoin Era Review 2020: Is Bitcoin Era Legit Trading Platform?


Bitcoin Era is a leading trading robot for Bitcoin, which was developed by a group of cryptocurrency traders for auto trading Bitcoin by buying and selling to bring profits for the traders. As per the Bitcoin Era review, the app functions by emitting signals that are 0.01 seconds ahead of the market.

Bitcoin Era Reviews

What is Bitcoin Era?

The Bitcoin Era was established in the year 2019 and its complex algorithms used by the system perform transactions that are executed at a faster rate than any other auto trading robot. This software uses a trading robot that performs the transactions automatically. Moreover, the traders can access the platform for free, and the system is supervised by reputable brokers who make sure that the transactions are done on account of the traders to achieve maximum profit.

Features of Bitcoin Era:

Let us see few Key features of this platform –

The platform offers several types of cryptocurrencies. And the traders can select from various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, altcoins, and several others. The traders can also choose pairs such as BTC/USD or BTC/EUR.

The withdrawals are quick and hassle-free; same goes to deposits. Moreover, In not less than 24-36 hours, the traders can withdraw the money.

Bitcoin Era platform offers a safe verification system. Besides, during the registration process, the traders are required to provide their details such as full name, email address, contact number, credit card details, and not any complicated documents. Further, the trader should present their identity proof for withdrawing profit.

BTC associates itself with reputable brokers who have a direct influence on successful trade operations. Moreover, they only associate with reputed brokers and make sure that the deposited money received from the traders is safe.

One of the most important features of Bitcoin Era is, it has a payout policy of “up to 36-hour withdrawal”. When the request is made the trader for withdrawal of their funds, it will be available in their credit card or bank account within 36 hours.

Below given are the Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Era –



User-friendly platform

This Platform does not have Mobile app

Offers Demo mode

Traders can customise the trade settings

No Hidden charges, fees or commission

Easy verification and registration process

Dedicated customer support


Below given are the few advantages –

This platform implements complex software that is based on a smart algorithm that performs important functions. It offers an easy to use interface, which is very helpful for the new traders and should take advantage to learn about this platform.

As per a Bitcoin Era Review, it reports a success rate of 96%, which means most of the trades executed by the robot are highly successful.

This platform offers dedicated customer service for its traders. The customer support is available 24×7 with a live chat option. The users can also send an email regarding their issues during any time of the day.

Features of Trading Software

Comparison Between Bitcoin Era and Other Robots:

Bitcoin Era

Other Robots

Bitcoin Era Platform is very user-friendly

Few platforms are not reliable and user-friendly

This Platform has a success rate of 96%

Few of the trading robots are scam

The minimum deposit required is $250

Minimum deposit required by a few platforms is more than $500

Account opening process is done within 3 minutes

The opening process is too long, often asking customers for more documents for registering on the platform

Offers Dedicated customer support

The customer support system is inadequate

Is Bitcoin Era a Scam?

Few people think that the Bitcoin Era platform is a scam. Bitcoin Era account that can be used by both new and experienced traders. Moreover, this platform has the highest success rate because robots are highly accurate while performing trades. Since the cryptocurrency market responds to volatility, using robots for Bitcoin trading or other cryptocurrencies is a smart choice, and these robots can execute transactions in a few seconds.

Trading Process of Bitcoin Era

Trading with this platform is simple and easy; they offer several educational materials that have been published on the website free of cost. Below given are the steps about the process –

~ Registration: The registration process in this platform is simple and quick; the trader needs to enter a username, phone number, email for verification. When the verification step is done, the registration is complete.

~ Demo Account: After the registration process, the traders are assigned a broker, and they are also offered a demo mode where the user can familiarize themselves with the platform and the functionalities.

~ Minimum Deposit: Before proceeding, the trader should make a deposit of 250 dollars in their Bitcoin Era account to start live trading.

~ Live Trading: When the funds are deposited in the Bitcoin Era platform, and when the trader is confident about the platform, they can proceed with the process. When the trader sets certain trade parameters and clicks on the auto trade button, the robot will get started trading on behalf of the traders to start making money.

Working Procedure of Platform

Accepted Payment Methods

Bitcoin Era payment methods will vary from one broker to another, yet some of the methods that are accepted by the platform are Neteller, Skrill, visa, and master credit cards.


1: How to use the Bitcoin Era platform?

Ans: The first step is to register on the Bitcoin Era platform. After the registration process, the trader can practice in the demo mode before using the live account. Moreover, the traders should do their market analysis for cryptocurrency trading. This will help the traders the risk of losing money.

2: Are Bitcoin Era Brokers reputable?

Ans: Bitcoin Era associates itself and works only with reputable brokers that are available on the platform, and they are in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

3: Is Investing in Bitcoin a good investment?

Ans: As per a Bitcoin Era review, BTC is the most leading and popular cryptocurrency, and it is the most desired investment for the traders. By trading with cryptocurrencies, several people have made huge profits in due course of time. New and experienced traders use this platform to make more profits.

4: Does this platform have a mobile app?

Ans: It does not offer a mobile app, but the traders can access the platform through their mobile or their PC by using a web browser.

Wrap Up

According to our Bitcoin Era review, it is one of the best platform that helps the traders to make money through cryptocurrencies. The registration process is quick, and the traders need to deposit a minimum amount to start the live trading process. This platform offers adequate online security, and it also protects user information and funds. Moreover, the payout system offered by this platform is accurate and transparent.